Natili Restaurant and Lounge

( Natili South)

104 West Wayne Street

Butler, PA 16001


Family owned and operated since 1939, Natili Restaurant and Lounge was a mainstay in Downtown Butler.  Run by the descendants of the original owner, John A Natili, we strived to maintain the very simple philosophy of Mr. Natili. No Gimmicks, No Frills, Just give the people true value, good food, good service,

and a great atmosphere in which to enjoy them.

John Natili loved his restaurant, and especially appreciated the customers who graced it.

He made you feel as if you were his friends coming to his home for dinner, and indeed you were.

On Saturday, September 27th, 2014, we had to close our doors for the final time.  We would like to personally thank everyone that enjoyed their experiences at Natili's over the years.  We were hopefully able to produce some great memories for everyone and some great experiences when you dined with us.  That's what it's all about...the interaction with customers and the friendships you develop over the years.  All of those who met their lifelong partners here, the ones who got engaged here, celebrated their wedding and birthdays here.  We hear so many stories from so many people about their memories.  Please feel free to post comments about your special memories on our Guest Book here on the website or on our facebook page.  We would love to hear them all!

The Hot Dog Shop used to have a phrase over the entrance that said

"Through these doors pass the finest people, Our Customers".

I have always believed that when it came to our customers also.  We have met some really fantastic people.

Natili Restaurant and Lounge has always been more than just a restaurant to us...

it was truly a life experience.  I suppose it's the end of an era.

Thank you all so much, and God Bless You.

Vince Tavolario